• Rodney, Muslee, Hariyat
     Rodney, Muslee, Hariyat
  • Tunde, Taiwo, Wendell
     Tunde, Taiwo, Wendell
  • Hariyat, Muslee
     Hariyat, Muslee
  • Dior, Reuben, Tracy, Gadareth
     Dior, Reuben, Tracy, Gadareth
  • Jamicia, Stacey, Sarah
     Jamicia, Stacey, Sarah
  • Allen Reynolds
     Allen Reynolds
  • Helinna Ayalew
     Helinna Ayalew
April 13, 2013

Pictures taken from our April 13th, 2013┬áHarambee event in the Founder’s Room at the AfAm House.